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Che Fece… Il Gran Rifiuto


To certain people there comes a day when they must say the great Yes or the great No. He who has the Yes ready within him reveals himself at once, and saying it he crosses over to the path of honour and his own conviction. He who refuses does not repent. Should he be asked […]

How to Build an Owl


1. Decide you must. 2. Develop deep respect for feather, bone, claw. 3. Place your trembling thumb where the heart will be: for one hundred hours watch so you will know where to put the first feather. 4. Stay awake forever. When the bird takes shape gently pry open its beak and whisper into it: […]

Which Is Why I Am Telling You About It


If I could live like Frank O’Hara, with both a professional and creative life, I think I could be happy. The natural, conversational rhythm of O’Hara’s poetry really turns me on. I read ‘Having A Coke With You’ pretty much once a day. Mainly for that killer last line.