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Ogilvy Fellowship Reading List


Exciting times at Ogilvy towers – we’re recruiting for a new year of Ogilvy Planning Fellows. Junior roles in planning are few and far between – this is a really coveted route into the ad industry. (You should probably apply.)

So to celebrate, Ogilvy Fellows past and present got together to start you off with a list of recommended reading – whether you’re applying to the Ogilvy Fellowship or not, this is a pretty handy list for young ad-sorts.

You can download the full list here.

Ok, so there are a few on there I wouldn’t leap to read myself, but take a look at the list and see what takes your fancy – print it out and take it to the library. Read.

My really recommended, though hardly groundbreaking, suggestions are:

Ogilvy on Advertising, David Ogilvy
Truth Lies and Advertising, Jon Steel
Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely

But I’d like to give you a tip that wouldn’t make other advertising reading lists:

How to be an Artist by Michael Atavar

How to be an Artist, Michael Atavar

A bit of a hangover from my days in contemporary art, this book is absolutely nothing to do with the business of advertising, but everything to do with the business of ideas and creative thinking. Pretty handy for a wannabe planner, right?

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