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Down to Margate?

Margate Lido

My family moved to Margate in 1999, and throughout my teenage years I was embarrassed to talk about it. Forgotten by day-trippers in the 1980′s, Margate had become a desperate, depressing place to be.

But times, tides and tastes change. Thanks to regeneration efforts begun by Turner Contemporary and sustained by a growing community of local artists and risk-takers, Margate / Margz / Dalston-sur-mer has become an effortlessly Instagrammable place to be seen. I’m suddenly one of the worst ‘yeah, I knew it before it was cool’ hipsters.

Now having moved to London, I only manage to get back to Margate every other month – but it’s no exaggeration to say I discover somewhere new with every trip home.

There’s still plenty of work to be done. Our town remains rough around the edges, don’t visit expecting Brighton, Salcombe or St Ives. Instead, visit to discover a town re-making itself around buckets and spades, Emin’s ‘dirty weekend’, art, surprisingly grand and diverse architecture, great food, makers, artists and independent shops.

So if you’re planning your own Jolly Boys Outing to Margate, here’s a few tips:

Art & Culture
Turner Contemporary
Shell Grotto
Vortigen Margate
Tom Thumb Theatre
Margate Arts Club
Resort Studios
By The Sea Festival

Food & Drink
Hantverk & Found
Cheesy Tiger
GB Pizza Co
Fort’s Cafe
Peter’s Fish Factory
The Greedy Cow
The Lifeboat
Mala Kaffe

Black Deep
Transmission Records
RG Scotts / Junk Deluxe

Seaside Sights
Margate Lido
Botany Bay
Walpole Bay Sea Bathing Pool
That Sunset

The Reading Rooms
Old Barrel Store
Retro Apartment
Sweet Dreams

Ramsgate Music Hall
Morelli’s Gelato

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